PT Bit Teknologi Nusantara

Network Infrastructure Provider


We provide solutions through :

  • BTS hotel concept for street level and In Building Coverage using our advanced wireless Distributed Antenna System (DAS) which is ideal to enhance cellular network coverage and capacity in dense public areas of the city.
  • Delivery of our licensed Internet Service Provider services directly to corporate client locations through our own fiber optic infrastructure, allowing the client to get on air with ease and speed.
  • Opportunities to lease our extensive and strategically located under ground fiber optic network.
  • Utilization of our Data Offload solution for channelling data traffic rapidly through our strategically placed carrier grade Wi-Fi access points to give end users flawless Wi-Fi coverage anywhere they want it throughout Jakarta’s core business, commercial, entertainment, educational and government centers.

We provide unparalleled benefits with :

  • Operational licensing coverage.
  • Our strong technological knowledge base.
  • Our extensive proprietary underground fiber optic network.
  • Our Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) providing high performance and greater outdoor area coverage to cellular operators while offering a more cost effective solution.

Our clients can fulfil end-users’ growing demands for :

  • Greater network coverage and connectivity.
  • Easy cellular and Wi-Fi Access for fast reliable data transmissions.
  • Adequate bandwidth ensuring continuous and strong connectivity.
  • Reliable broadband service anytime and anywhere.
  • Extensive selection of data and internet services.