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Micro Cell

In 2010 Bit Teknologi Nusantara launched the first BTS hotel concept in Jakarta using MicroCell technology for transporting wireless communication signals between a set of base stations in a base station hotel and a set remotely located sites. Unlike with prior techniques that digitize the entire broadband RF signal associated with individual antenna, the present invention proposes a technique that separately digitizes each RF carrier signal within the broadband RF signal. The separately digitized carriers are transmitted over a Fiber Optic network between the base station hotel and the remote sites.

As a result, the system can deliver signals over much longer distances without degradation. Also, dynamic range is unaffected by distance since the digital samples suffer no degradation due to the transport process as long as reliable communication exist.

Key benefits of BTS hotel concept:

Space or site acquisition:
BTS Hotels is a unique concept that helps in providing connectivity at locations where expanding or building new towers is not permitted due to various regulatory or space constraint.

Time to deploy:
The time required for site/pole readiness is relatively shorter than building the macro tower.

It is the most suitable solution to solve inadequate or insufficient network coverage provided by macro tower where it is common that the coverage maybe blocked by surrounding building especially in dense populated areas.

Flexible architecture:
The system supports multiple frequency bands and operators.

Compared to building the conventional BTS tower that requires high up-front capital investment, Mobile cellular operators are able to recognize significantly lower capex/opex savings through a shared Base Station Hotel where multiple BTS co-located together as well as a shared Remote Radio Transceiver.