PT Bit Teknologi Nusantara

Network Infrastructure Provider

about BIT

PT Bit Teknologi Nusantara, established in 2008 to provide advanced technological solutions to cellular operators, has the necessary licensing, infrastructure, technical competency and capacity to adapt the latest international breakthroughs to overcome bandwidth challenges through better, faster data connectivity, messaging, video streaming and cutting edge services anyplace and anytime in the Greater Jakarta Area.

At BIT, our uniquely qualified and committed team analyzes industry trends, anticipates user needs, and develops infrastructure so clients can enjoy advantages as leaders in a high growth industry.

It is our aim to continuously expand our cooperation with existing and new clients by providing innovative, high value Internet and wireless communication solutions through top quality professional service to consistently achieve complete customer satisfaction.

For BIT, innovation means the integration of strengths in current solutions with the power and potential of new technologies for a dynamic wide-ranging competitive edge.

We create viable, inexpensive network infrastructure solutions by pro-actively acquiring complementary technology and service resources worldwide, bundling it with our advanced technological infrastructure, and enabling clients to provide more cost effective, readily accessible data transmission, connectivity and related services.